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Prayer Request

2 sundays ago after the message my pastor asked for prayer request when everybody was done he said.  ”I actually have a request.  I went to the Dr. this past week and found out I have colon cancer.  I just want to point my wife has feeding me special colon healthy veggies for years and that clearly worked *laughs* NO MORE VEGGIES!!  But I ask for your prayers. Healing prayers are always welcome, but I don’t think that is what is truly important.  God gave me this for a reason.  I ask for prayers that I can find joy in God from this experience.”  He is a joy and imspiration. in my life so I’m passing this rquest onto you. 


words are hard yo


thechristopherglen said: I follow you because you are seriously one of the coolest people God has ever created. It's a fact and don't try to deny it.


I am pretty cool. Check this out:

This right here is why beards are awesome!




I rarely send ones of my face it will generally be whatever I’m looking at, and please make the ones you send me with the longest times possible so I can read/look them  because I’m super slow!


Can we just talk about how in the second naruto shippuden movie he stops a girl from killing herself and gives her hope.  In the first one he also stopped somebody from killing themselves and taught them to have courage and fight for what they believe in.


For everybody out there that thinks anime is shallow and stupid.  I just want to point out Naruto discusses suicide, and saving friends, and doing what it takes to accomplish your dreams, and never giving up, and one always believing in yourself.  


If dogs communicate through barking and cats communicate through meowing, then if you were a dog living with a cat would it be like living with a person that speaks a foreign language?

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